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At Momentum Clothing, Kashton Technologies is our partner for audio, lighting, and cameras as well as technical problem solving. Courtney and the team have been great to work with.

We strive to offer our customers a premium experience. From live DJs playing in-store to everyday streaming, sound matters. In retail, lighting is equally key in displaying the true colours and impact of our clothing, footwear and accessories. And at the end of the day, security is paramount for peace of mind and the safety of our staff, customers and investment.

Kashton Technologies has worked on projects in both our Saskatoon and Calgary locations to provide creative custom installations as well as full-store solutions. From retrofitting to an entire build-out, the Kashton team has been able to source what we need as well as work with our budget and design parameters. They have been able to make suggestions based on immediate needs as well as plan for future growth. We continue to look to Kashton Technologies first when the need arises.

- Asif Moola

Momentum Clothing

Smart home A/V system rocks

When my house was being built, I had a very well-known company install a whole home audio system during construction. It was very expensive, but it never worked correctly. We had so many horrible issues like the TV video shutting off but the audio staying on, turning on one TV and all the other TVs turned on as well—I could go on but the list is too long. For years, the system was so glitchy and sensitive that I couldn’t let anyone near it for fear that even breathing too loud might send it into chaos. The company kept coming to try to fix it but were discouraging to deal with as they made us feel like any problems were our fault.

Finally, I hired the team at Kashton to find a proper fix. I was terrified of throwing good money after bad, but Courtney and Bryce were patient with us and explained which pieces of our existing system that could be salvaged, and which ones needed to be replaced to make things work. And WOW, does it ever work! It’s so seamless and easy to use now that I almost forget the many years my house felt like we had an electronic poltergeist. Courtney was my electronic exorcist, and I am so grateful for the team at Kashton for making my home a joy to live in again!

- Suzanne A

More than just residential services

We’re repeat business clients who appreciate how Kashton experts listen to our needs, determine the right solution, then source and supply whatever components are needed to complete any job with friendly, capable professionalism. Here are some of the ways we’ve benefitted from Kashton’s expertise in recent years:

  • Electrical: Running cabling—phone, internet, electrical—throughout the office, adding boosters for reliable wifi coverage, installing additional electrical outlets, enhancing power supply to a room with high electrical demand, installing a power stabilizer to the whole building to replace questionable surge protector power bars at each workstation.
  • Security: Installing keyless fob-controlled door locks, cameras with multizone livestream mounted screens, a security alarm system, as well as providing ongoing monitoring services.
  • Other: Installing a wall-mounted backlit indoor logo, a decorative lighted lobby mirror, an 84-inch interactive digital boardroom Surface Hub screen, and supplying a server tower rack with its electronic components.

We’d recommend organizations of any size to consider Kashton for your electrical, technical, custom, or smart office automation needs.

- AJ

We recently had the pleasure of working with Courtney and his team, Steve and Chris, from Kashton Technologies Ltd. on the installation of a Celebright LED lighting system at our cottage. I have been “encouraging” my husband to install Christmas lights every year since we built our cottage, but to no avail. Now since Kashton has installed the Celebright system, I have year-round endless programmable lighting for absolutely every occasion, easily and remotely controlled through my smart phone. Steve and Chris were very professional, neat and clean on the installation and to say that I am satisfied is an understatement!

- Laura B

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